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Lifting patients is historically the most injury-prone task a firefighter conducts while carrying out non-fireground duties.

Binder Lift is changing this by attaching up to 32 handles to the patient’s torso so providers can team lift while utilizing proper ergonomics.

It is impossible for firefighters to effectively team lift with proper ergonomics when following outdated and improvised lifting techniques involving a sheet, blanket, or transfer-tarp. When lifting with the Binder Lift, firefighters can avoid lifting related injuries and have longer healthier careers.

We have helped thousands of departments reduce firefighter injuries while also providing better patient care and we would love to help your department achieve the same success.

The Binder Lift is the most awarded patient lift device on the market, and it is proven to reduce shear forces sustained by firefighters while lifting patients in confined spaces.

Don’t just take our word for it. Read what thousands of customers are saying about us at, then fill out a brief form to sign up for a no purchase necessary free 30-day trial of the Binder Lift to experience for yourself the safer, easier, better way of lifting!

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